Lines for Production of Laminate Tubes, Laminate Pouches and Tube and Pouch Filling Automation

KombiBox KOMBIS FFS3301 KOMBIS TAM0100 - Tube-arranging machine

   Tube-arranging machine is an opportunity for automatic packaging of the ready output.

   This automatic machine is integrated with the Laminated Tube Production Line and now this combination enables to complete the technological process.

   The modular construction of the packaging device allows different levels of automation as the customer is able to select it.

   KOMBIS TAM0100 reducing the manual operations and disengaging labor force for servicing of 3 Lines.

   This new automatic machine is designated for gathering and packaging the tubes, made on KOMBIS TMM5550. The tubes` arrangement in cardboard boxes is automatic, which cuts service staff and gives opportunity for multi-machines service. The readjustment of the automatic machine is easy.

   The cardboard boxes` dimensions are set preliminarily. Only the matrix fixing the tubes` number in the cardboard box is replaced subsequently.