Lines for Production of Laminate Tubes, Laminate Pouches and Tube and Pouch Filling Automation


Excellent solutions for:

  • Cosmetics
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Thanks to our experience and striving for total packaging solutions, we’ve developed a new

  • Compact
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for small series
  • Reliable
  • Unique packaging idea, combining several technological processes in one Line. Find more here: How it Works and Questions and Answers.

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1. Power supply net:3P+N+PE
- Voltage3N~380 ±5% V
- Frequency50±2% Hz
2. Power installed12 kVA
3. Power consumedup to 5 kVA max
4. Regularity of switching100 %
5. Technological air:
- Flow rate290 l/min
- Pressure8 bar
- Mechanical impurities< 5µm
6. Cooling water:
- Flow rate0,35.10-3 m3/s (20 l/min)
- Pressure0,4-0,5 MN/m2 (4-5 atm)
- Temperature288K (15°С)
7. Overall dimensions:
- Length1605 mm
- Width1430 mm
- Height2450 mm
8. Protection degree against solid parts and water permeability.IP 1XA
9. High-frequency generator – pipe and shoulders:
- Consumed power5,5 kW
- HF-output power4,4 kW
- Operation frequency270 ÷ 370 kHz
- Periodicity of switching9%
10. High-frequency generator – tube end:
- Consumed power0,8 kW
- HF-output power0,3 kW
- Working frequency270 ÷ 370 kHz
- Periodicity of switching9%
11. Tube sizes:22x15 mm - ellipse
- diameterØ16 ÷ Ø35mm
- length80 ÷ 120mm
12. Rated efficiency25-33 tubes/minute
13. Dosageadjustable up to 250 cm3
14. Dosage accuracy±3%
15. Noise level80 dB
16. Operation mode:automatic
17. Net weight:1500 kg
18. Consumables:
- Film web typeABL
- Barrier layer thickness0,012 mm
- Total thickness0,175 mm and up


The Laminated Tube Line type KOMBIS FFS 3301 is designed for packaging of toothpaste, mayonnaise, ketchup, chocolate, jam, mustard, cosmetics and pharmaceutical creams, shoe-cream, glues, silicones and other technical products.

You win:

Cost effective product, due to:

  • Lower cost machine
  • Thinner film web-0,135mm
  • Lack of transportation and packaging costs for the empty tubes
  • Easy operation and maintenance

You achieve:

  • Excellent product duration – to several years
  • Superior aesthetic appearance, due to high-quality printing opportunities
  • Functionality, achieved by the unwinding cap or the cap type “Flip-top”
  • Capability of sterilizing – using special film web

Our partnership gives you:

  • Total packaging customer oriented solutions
  • High-quality and quick service
  • Assistance for deliveries of components and materials

The Line handles ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminate). KOMBIS FFS3301 can be completed with a number of optional modules, such as:

- Caps and shoulders assembling machine – KOMBIS ACS0100;

- Top-Seal module;


The Caps and Shoulders Assembling machine type KOMBIS ACS0100 is designed for feeding with fitted together shoulders and caps the Laminated Tubes Line KOMBIS FFS 3301.