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Cyclero Brochure

   Form, fill and seal machine (FFS) for flexible laminated packs type “Cyclero”

   Constantly looking ahead for new opportunities and trends in packaging industry and with over 10 years of experience in laminated tube making machines Mechatronica is pleased to present a new FFS line for unique packaging concept “Cyclero” production. The environmentally friendly and cost efficient pack “Cyclero” offers high barrier properties and excellent stability for a flexible solution.

   Machine for flexible laminated packs type “Cyclero” has a module principle of construction. Modules are tied to each other by transport conveyers. The machine consists of:

   • Bodymaker - its purpose is to produce the pack’s body of preliminary printed foil. It works in Step Mode- withdraws the foil to required by markers length, binds it to the shape of cylinder, seals by means of inductors the both ends of the foil, cuts and puts the cut body into the transporting bushing.;

   • Module Sealing Lids - its purpose is to seal the pack’s lid (which is preliminary formed and cut ) onto the ready body. Mechanisms implement the following operations: take a lid from the store, form it and after that seal it by means of inductor onto the lower part of the body. The ready pack with lid is transported to Module Filling and sealing Bottom.;

   • Module Filling and Sealing Bottom - this part of the machine serves to fill the pack with product . After filling it is closed with a bottom, which is preliminary formed. Sealing of the bottom onto the body is also achieved by means of inductors.;

   • Ejecting - it serves to eject the pack from the transporting bushing by the means of a special pistons and air under pressure. The ejected packs fall onto a leading conveyer , which draws them aside to the area for packaging.;

   • Cleaning - washes and dries the bushings. It serves to wash the impure bushings and after this follows air flushing to dry the bushings.


1. Power supply net:3P+N+PE
- voltage3N~380 V ±10%
- frequency50/60 Hz ± 2%
2. Power installed58,4 kVA
3. Power consumedup to 15 kVA
4. Technological air:
- flow rate800 l/min
- pressure8 bar
- mechanical impurity< 5 µm
5. Cooling water:
- flow rate0,35.10-3 m3/s (20 l/min)
- pressure0,4-0,5 MN/m2 (4-5 atm)
- temperature288K (15°С)
6. Overall sizes:
- length11 600 mm
- width1 500 mm
- height2 470 mm
7. Protection degree against penetration of solid objects and waterIP 20
8. Dosage for homogeneous liquids , degassed200 ml
10. Dosage accuracy± 2%
11. Operating modeautomatic
12. Consumables:
- foil typeExtruminium OPP30/12/8/70 PP
- total thickness130µm
- barrier layer thicknessAluminum 8µm
- orientation of printLongitudinal
13. Can size:
- diameterØ 49,2 mm
- length118 mm
14. Speed
- one channel /1S/up to 40 pc/min
- two channels /2S/up to 80 pc/min
- three channels /3S/up to 120 pc/min
- four channels /4S/up to 160 pc/min
< 3% waste

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