Lines for Production of Laminate Tubes, Laminate Pouches and Tube and Pouch Filling Automation


Contract tube making and filling for technical products

Contarct Filling

ABL Plastic Tube Contract Filling

Our company is collecting orders to fulfill the capacity for a brand new tube making and filling line.
The line will be capable of making and filling plastic tubes or bottles made from ABL laminate.
We are offering full service in the design and the production off the product.
If you need more information please contact us.

Click here for the sizes of the tubes that our machine can produce or to calculate your own tube volume use our Tube Volume Calculator.

This line is capable of making, filling and closing laminate bottles. Here you can find more information about LamiBottle®

Follow this link to find more about the machine capabilities:

You can take a look at our Tube Photo Gallery here: