Lines for Production of Laminate Tubes, Laminate Pouches and Tube and Pouch Filling Automation




Design custom control equipment by using standard PLC component or custom made control electronic boards, including hardware and software design and serial production. This include all kind of microprocessor controlled electronic hardware designed to provide custom solution and to perform as per customers requirements.



High Frequency High Power Application

High Frequency Generators and Equipment:

Application in induction heating and welding of laminated foil or aluminum inserts as a part of the packaging manufacture for cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industry.

  • Series of High Frequency Generators HFG3-5, used for body and shoulder welding in tube making machines as well as for sealing of already filled tubes.
  • Series of inductors for shoulder welding from 10 mm to 50 mm diameter and for oval shoulder welding.
  • Series of inductors and units for assembly, used in tube filling machines.
  • Series of controllers for the processes control in tube filling machines.
  • Series of High Frequency Generators HFG 5-05, HFG 5-08 for assembly and series of inductors for them, used for the top sealing (membrane) on the shoulders.
  • Series of High Frequency Generators HFG 5-1 for inductive welding of inserts in the final closing of  bottles, jars as well as welding of covers onto glass and plastic boxes (PE PP PET PVC PA PC PS)or small food containers for food industry. 
  • Metal heating and welding generators and inductors.


Membrane Couplings


Product Description
The MS Series range of membrane couplings has been specifically designed to provide a cost effective solution for demanding industrial applications.

Design Features
- Fit and Forget: The MS series coupling is designed for infinite life, and with correct machinery alignment often outlasting the machines it is connected to
- Low Imposed Loads: The membranes have been designed to optimize their torque capability, whilst minimizing the reaction forces due to misalignment so reducing machinery vibration and maximizing bearing life
- Zero Maintenance: The coupling has no relative moving parts, and hence requires no lubrication or maintenance
- No Backlash: The coupling design, with fitted bolts, and torsionally stiff membranes ensures that there is zero backlash. This makes the coupling ideal for drives such as
machine tool indexers, printing processes, packaging, and all applications where constant speed without fluctuations is crucial.

- Easy to install
- Operates in either direction
- Choice of hub configuration to suit the shaft diameter

Membrane Couplings


Areas of application for high dynamic servo drives
- Machine tools - Textile machines
- CNC milling / grinding machines - Industrial robots
- Woodworking machines - Processing machines
- Assembly machines - Printing machinery
- Automated plants - Packaging machines

- backlash free
- high degree of torsional stiffness
- compensates for axial, lateral and angular misalignment combined with quiet, smooth operation
- exact angular motion and torque transmission
- infinite life
- optimized against resonance frequencies

- easy to mount
- suited for space restricted
- low moment of inertia
- economically priced


Laminate Tube Machines spare parts

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